Monday, July 21, 2008

Copper and the Greeni Cellini

Work continues on Greeni Cellini. It's only about five and a half inches long, and NOT working with my attention span. But I'm determined not to let this one go into the UFO project box. I've seen 22 inch cellini spiral necklaces on Etsy, but I'm NOT going to 22 on this one. It IS easy once you remember that you add the same kind of bead as you come out of. Three sizes, 11's, 15's and 8 triangles. I've probably also ripped out three to four inches of it to correct errors. Ahem. I'd like to finish it off with a big ole gaudy vermeil magnetic clasp. Or I could make a clasp. I have some large gold vintage buttons. It might work.

Here too, are some copper domes I finally made. They're not done, but they've finally reached the next phase of their lives. For a month or more, they've laid around as just copper circles (cut out by hand with crash cart scissors) but I just got around to doming them on Saturday. They need more grinding to soften the sides, and get the burrs off the holes, then either they'll become earrings, I'll punch more holes, and make a bracelet OR (drum roll) I'll try my hand at soldering them together to make hollow beads. I never did that before, but I have directions! Yes! Directions! And copper solder! Yes!

Carry on!

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Elfrieda Bijoux said...

I love the green Cellini! That stitch makes a really cool shape. (Is it 22" yet? :D )