Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bizzzay

The first Fall show is coming up on Saturday the 20th...Holly Days, second fall show the NEXT Saturday, September 27th-Townfest! Whoo! The Hometown Show! The fall season has started! Tonight I'm making earrings and taking pictures.

I bought some neat glass and some really nice pearls at the rock & mineral show last Sunday, so I better start cracking! Also some silver solder, and other bits & pieces for the manipulating of the metal. I had lust in my heart for the silver sheet, alas, since I had to give the garage the bulk of my paycheck to fix the veeehickle, no silver sheet for me. Maybe next time.

Back to the beach...er, um, BENCH. (I was I was still on vacay) But looking at the mess on my desk, can I really do anything? Gah!


Mrs. G. said...

Have a wonderful show!

ZenCreations said...

It was great meeting you today!! I'm so glad the weather cleared up for us. Overall, it think it was a good day, don't you?

Hope to see you at more shows! Love, love, loved your chainmail pieces!!!!!

Holly said...

EEEEEEK! your desk is terrifying!

not really, looks just like my whole house. I just wanted to pretend like one of those tidy people that gets appalled by messes.