Friday, December 5, 2008

Hi Remember Me?

Yes, I started this new blog with all intentions of keeping it daily, updated with fresh projects.

Alas, during the past six weeks or so, the good intentions were merrily tossed out the window as I frantically kept up with beads and chain maille throughout the busy fall season.

I'm finished now. So hopefully, I can start blogging again, since my life isn't work, eat, bead, sleep, bead, work.....lather rinse repeat.

I'm planning next years shows already, and my New Years resolution (besides the usual 'lose weight') will be to make something sale-able every week, and NOT panic when show time rolls around. That wastes time, and literally makes me ill. That last show almost made me quit. I slept about five hours at night for several days, while dealing with the day job, and beading like a crazy person. On the Saturday of the show, I was up again at 4:00 am, drove 75 miles to the show, set up, and was 'on' all day long. At some point, all the color drained from my face, and Joe was afraid I was going to pass out under the table. No good.

No more of that stuff. Plan ahead, and don't stress so much. This is my fun job, not my real job (which is no fun at all) and when it starts being as stressy as my real job, it's time for changes.

So there.

Right now, on the seed bead table, I've got an African Spiral necklace, with a stained glass pendant going on. I need some copper cones to end the necklace, and I'm working on wrapping the piece of stained glass with a right angle weave bezel. It's a Christmas gift. When it's all done, I think it's going to be pretty impressive. At least to me. I'll post a picture, and you can be the judge. On the metal work table, there are a couple piles of copper circles, waiting to be domed and polished. Bracelet and earring set I believe. And a couple other pieces of copper that will be soldered and polished into pendants. I'm very excited about the stained glass. A couple years ago, one of the designers at the day job did stained glass on the side. I asked for, and he gifted me with a large Country Crock tub of stained glass pieces, from teeny tiny to pretty nice sized. I shelved it and promptly forgot about it until Monday morning while I was in the shower. (Great place to think) So I dug out the tub, and WHOO WHEE! Lots of goodies! I'm excited to use them in some earrings and necklaces, both with seed beads and some soldering/metal work.

Stay tuned.

Take care, and carry on!

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