Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been an interesting weekend here at the Groundhog Ranch. Yesterday we went 'junking' at a local twice yearly flea market. Junk is the operative word here. However, I did manage to find a shopping bag full of stuff. A box of colored crushed glass; a bag of watch parts (for a buck); three small boxes of tiny shells; some glassware that will be repurposed (a secret project) and a cool little corner rack for the boof. All in all, a successful junk hunt.

We then visited a couple other yard sales and got a couple cool rocks for the display (35 cents) and ended up in a little town 'up the river'. There's a neat art gallery there, so we swung in to check it out. There was the usual ridiculous amounts of jewelry, and various and sundry other artsty stuff. I got an application package to see if my stuff would pass muster to be able to be displayed. Now I have to come up with five kickass pieces to go to their jury. Of course, the five kickass pieces will need to be made AFTER I make a bunch of kickass stuff for the booth. The stunning success at the Virginina Craft & Wine festival, has left the cupboard bare. And last week, I was too strung out with the great refrigerator drama to even try and make stuff. So this week I kick into high gear and get some stuff made. I have three pieces that got broken in Mercersburg, so fixing them is the first priority, THEN filling up the rest of the spaces with goodies. I'm still boggled by the Wine Fest. In the fifteen years of selling stuff at craft shows, I've NEVER come that close to selling out of stuff before. I've always made fun of people who stress over have doubles and triples of all their stuff 'in case they sell out', well, no more. Dang!

We dug the garden today and planted those poor broccolis who have languished in big pots out back. Also put in some tomatoes and basil. Once I get the peppers, we're good with the garden.
I hope so, because there was lots of digging and 'forking' (aerating the dirt with a pitchfork) today, and tomorrow is going to HURT.

Before I start really hurting, I've got to get another box of glassware out of Obbie's car. I didn't want the whole box, really, but the guy didn't want to haul it home, so he sold me the whole banana box of odd glass for two dollars. Dear goodness, I thought I was out of the glass junk collecting phase. I keep telling myself it's for a project, it's for a project. We shall see.

I'm off for an Advil, and to fetch the box before I seize up like a rusty hinge.

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