Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trinkets-I think Not

An acquaintance of mine invited us to a party this weekend. Yay, of course, we'll be there. He then posted on my Facebook wall for me to "Bring some of your trinkets as a friend of my wife is into that kind of stuff."

This irriated me to death. I hate the word 'Trinket'.
To me, a trinket is a junky little thing, and not worth anything. (Which is one of the definitions of the word) So I replied to him with righteous indignation, explaining that "Trinkets" are usually just worthless shiny things, and my jewelry have a great amount of thought, time, energy and myself put into them, and that I didn't think much of him referring to them as trinkets.

He said I need to take a Valium and relax.

Did I overreact?

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