Sunday, February 21, 2010


Blame Facebook. Seriously. But I have been busy other than growing stuff on Farmville. Back story first (of course)

Last Spring, Joe and I stopped by a craft show. (As if we don't go to enough of them as Sellers) We spoke with the person in charge, and she said her Mom put this on as a benefit for the March of Dimes. I gave her my card and asked to be notified when the next show came around. A few weeks passed, and I got an email from the Mom, explaining she was going to be opening a store in downtown Carlisle, and would I like to put my things there? She outlined the costs, and that was that. I waffled on it for a long time, show season was kicking up, and I didn't have time I thought. At one of the local shows, the Mom came to visit my booth. "I would like your jewelry in my store. Think about it"

Long story bearable, after the last show of the year (A Majah Disastah, see previous post) I took all of my leftover stock to her and said, "Here, have at it" Since then I've gotten a check every month, and I keep taking more things to put in the store. Of course, now it's dead, because nobody's really shopping. I have to start making things for shows now, so my plan (uh huh) is to make doubles of everything. One for the booth, one for the store. Too bad I have to have a day job!

I'll tell you how that works out.

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