Sunday, October 16, 2011

The last outdoor show of the year was yesterday. It was windy. It was chilly. I know I always say "Craft shows aren't for sissies" but for some reason this year was tiring. I won't whine, much, but it's been a hard year for outside shows. I'm glad we're done with the outdoor ones. The weather wasn't very cooperative this year. Not as bad as it was a couple years ago when it rained at nearly every event, but bad enough.
Joe calls this show the Ted Mack Amateur Hour. Everyone who ever read a bead magazine was there selling jewelry. This pair of trendy ladies were the best though. They had the whole set up, but about a dozen necklaces and a few pair of earrings. The ginchy and oh so trendy trays of lentils and black beans for display, but one or two necklaces draped over the beans. Why go to all the effort if you're only offering a few things for sale? Explain that to me please. They get the 'grain of salt' award too, as one of the trendy girls was standing in front of the booth texting every time I walked by. These chicks would be the same ones who would panic if it rained, and probably wouldn't think twice about bitching out the organizer if their sales were poor. (Even though the other 90+ vendors had good days and had nothing but nice to say about the show) (Put down the iphone and pretend you care about your customers) If it put it on a tray of black beans, the world will beat a path to your booth.

Then there were the Suburban soccer Moms in their hybrid crossover SUV raging at the lady directing traffic because they can't drive their SUV to their booth. Later I checked out the booth, and they were tentless, had displays made from narrow PVC piping, and were selling crocheted items.

No really. Their entire inventory fit in two tubs. TWO. Here's the sense of entitlement kicking in. Guess they all won a trophy at T-Ball too.

Maybe I just need an attitude adjustment.

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