Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've been making jewelry for years.  I make anything that strikes my fancy.  Metal?  Love it.  I learned to etch, hammer, and all that fun stuff, so there's metal on my booth.  Beadwork?  My first love.  Weaving seed beads was something I remember doing as a kid.  I had the 'Indian Bead Loom' kit, and graduated to brick stitch, peyote, RAW, herringbone. bead embroidery and weaving on a 'real' loom.  So there's some beadwork on the booth too.  Stringing?  Simple, can be impressive and high profit.  I love all the fabulous stones and beads, so of course, there's strung stuff there too.  Chain Maille?  I embraced that with a passion, and there it is on the booth.   A dabble in mixed media brought a few more pieces to the table. 

I'm not bragging about my variety of skills.  A wise woman once told me to be good at one thing.  Be REALLY good at one thing.  I've tried, really I have.  But it's hard when there's so many cool things out there to try. I love making jewelry.  THAT is what I do.   

For years, this 'try everything and if it's cool sell it' philosophy has worked for me.  I have had compliments (and sales) galore from folks who tell me, "Your work is so different!  None of it is like anything else out here!"  Which is great, I grow a little more confident every time I hear that. 

But lately, I keep seeing the phrase, "Find your voice."  Which, I have been led to believe, is your style.  I've met some great jewelry people lately, and they've gotten this whole Voice thing down pat.  One woman does cool resin pendants with flora and fauna in them.  Another has sterling elements and it's classy, but not overly foofy, two others are bead embroiderers with amazing Epic pieces.  Then I look at my stuff and it's like wearing Doc Martens under a ball gown. But what is my voice?  A sequined cuff next to a copper washer & chain maille bracelet.  A crystal beaded pendant next to an old lamp crystal made into a pendant.

So where's my voice?  How do I find it?  Or is it right under my nose, and I'm not seeing it?  Hmm.

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