Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Progress Update and a New Mission

This one's a toughie.  I completely screwed up the first part by counting incorrectly, and merrily going on my way.  The second half looks much better.  Once I got all the 'apartments' built, I thought the worst was over.  WRONG.  Adding all the little bumps is very time consuming, and it does not help that I have a whole pile of cabs that need finished into pendants for the upcoming fall shows.  AND my Mom requested a hatband for her new beach hat.  A sparkly one.  As we know, Momma projects trump other projects, so I'm working on the sparkly hatband.  Flat peyote in silver lined size 8s.  I can't imagine how long it'd take if I did it in 11's. 

Here's a photo of the sparkly hat band, next to a loomed hatband I did many years ago (in 15's!!)

 I would like to add some sequins to it when I finally get to the end.  I'm not sure how to end it, as she hasn't sent me the measurement of the current hatband.  I'll have to get creative for a closure.  In the stash I have some awesome green, blue and holographic silver sequins who would be lovely scattered throughout.  We'll see.  We are leaving on Sunday, so this has to be done way before then.  Stay tuned.

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