Monday, August 27, 2012

Sporadically blogging of late.  I remember the 'good old days' with the other blog, when I'd have bloggy inspiration all day long, and couldn't wait until I could post something.  Now it's something I have to keep remembering to do.  And that still doesn't help.  I need to fix the header too, it's pretty obnoxious.  And the black background.  All around it's just kind of MEH looking. 

I still read a lot of blogs, but now, they are the arty-beady-jewelry kind, and not just blogs.  I still read two or three non-jewelry blogs, which I started reading back in the Golden Age of Blogging.  I genuinely like the people who write them, and I enjoy reading their daily 'adventures'. 

Meanwhile, I've finalized one more show this year, The Fells Point Fun Festival in Baltimore, which we've done twice now.  It's a big show, with lots of people and lots of vendors.  My hand shakes a little when I write the check, since it's such a big amount of money, and this year we're staying in a hotel right in Fells Point, and that's another huge outlay.  That was Joe's idea. The plan is (as always) to walk away with a nice amount of money and have a good time.  It'd be nice anyway.  Usually it's one or the other.  The big fall show in Virgina last year was a bust, because I had to rent a van, (The car died) and the organizer of the show changed the whole thing around, and it was just awkward.  Plus when you're already 'in a mood' when you get to a show (specifically stemming from the $300  rental van in the parking lot) it's hard to NOT project some negativity into the situation. 

Anyway, this fall, I'm trotting out some new stuff, torch fired enamel beads and pendants.  We tramped all over a big festival last Saturday, and there was nothing there like that.  (Still lots of jewelry, but mostly more of the same old, same old.  The buy-sell is ridiculous.  The 'made' stuff is out front (bead spacer bead necklaces) and then the back  parts of booths are the buy sell FMG crap.  Oh well, not my problem to police the world.  Just to make my booth unique, and people who sell fossils and agate slices probably shouldn't complain about people who sell premade stuff...right?

Hopefully I'll have some photos to share soon.  The bracelet I discussed earlier is still being made, just not with much enthusiasm.  Holy moly, it's a hassle!  But hey, I'm going to finish it.  Beach time starts on Sunday, and I'll have a whole week to screw around with it.  I've decided not to take a dozen projects, nor my computer.  Maybe the computer, but definately not a ton of projects.  I don't do them anyway....

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