Monday, June 16, 2008

Aluminum Maille Set

This was very fun to make! Byzanityne maille made with blue anodized aluminum & bright aluminum. The small drops are facted Czech glass, the larger drops are blue lampwork discs, some more Czech glass, and some sterling, and the 'focal' drop is a white & clear lampworked sweetie, with the Czech AND the blue discs. The earrings are the blue discs and the Swarvs again. I like this one very much! If you click to embiggen, please forgive the GIANT picture!

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Katie said...

Hi! I am new to blogging, and though my page is mostly about food, I really enjoy beading. I have always intended to, at some point, sell my designs. For now, I only have a few designs on Flickr. Do you sell any of your work? And how did you get started beading?