Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Recycled Necklace

The copper came from the old fluorescent light ballasts at work. When they change the ballasts, they throw out all the copper wire! HORRORS! Now the guy who does the change outs knows to give me the copper. It's 20 gauge, I think, and after I strip the coating off, and straighten it out, I've got some great FREE jewelry supplies. Too bad the fluorescent ballasts aren't wired with sterling silver.

The glass beads are from recycled glass, I'm told. Last year at Townfest, I sold a bracelet in the same style to my Aunt. Since then, she's commissioned the earrings AND the necklace. Maybe I'll just cut to the chase, and make the whole set for the next group of shows.

And the staging of the photo came out way better than I imagined.

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Branita said...

Good work!! Last month I also crafted a recycled stuff necklace for my sister.