Friday, June 27, 2008

The Purple Choker

I really like this one. Mostly, anyway.

Purple and white lined clear 11/0 beads. Chevron chain with A/B glass drops on the fringe. I did mess up and I used 14 pound test Fireline. 14 POUND TEST? What was I thinking? It's not like I was going to land a salmon with it or anything. Commentary aside, the 14 pound line combined with multiple passes made for a little stiffer construction, and the fringes don't hang the way I'd like. I've convinced myself that the more it's worn, the more broken in it will become, and the fringe will hang just fine. There's enough weight there, thats for sure.

I'm stuck on a clasp now. It deserves way more than a metal toggle, and as a matter of fact, that thought never crossed my mind. I'm torn between a vintage crystal button from Lulu's or a bead/button combo.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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