Thursday, June 26, 2008


A couple years ago, I went to the Philadelphia BeadFest (the last one in Fort Washington) and they gave away a bunch of free beads in the welcome bags. I've hoarded them because I love them, so now I've actually done something with them. They're from Unicorn Beads, and I finally found them online. (Although in my opinion, the website isn't steller, and the prices are pretty much the same as they are at the LBS)

I mixed them up with some furnace glass (another thing I just LOVE) and it's made for one very cool bracelet.

The colors are inside the beads, so it's like a drop of water with an image inside. I do need to solder the jump rings holding the beads onto the chain, because I'm afraid to lose any of the little beauties.

There's a bead show coming to York, so I might have to go down there and find more of these,
to replenish my stash.

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Marge said...

Help! Last year(?) at the Denver Bead Society's spring show I found some beautiful disk-shaped beads with what looks like either foil or dichroic in the center. I saw one in another artist's necklace, and she said she thought the vendor was Unicorn Beads, but I can't find anything on their website that looks like these. Any ideas?