Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have lots. I guess it goes with the attention span thing.

There's a suede amulet bag that needs a strap. The green/turquoise spiral disk necklace that need three more disks and assembled. The double drop peyote bracelet I started yesterday. The purple & white chevron chain choker with the iridiscent glass drops that needs a clasp. The next Blingy chain maille bracelet. The fantasy netted fish necklace that's gotten as far as the spiral necklace part. (a long way to go with that) The necklace for Joe's co-worker, which is done, it just needs a clasp, and earrings made. The big wide piece of copper I cut to etch. The copper domes that need etched and outfitted with ear wires. Two beaded cabs that need fringed and necklaced. And that's what I can see from here.

I wonder what the psychologists would say about starting projects and not finishing them?

I don't think I'm lazy. It's just the follow thru that gets me.

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