Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lazy or Burnt?

I haven't made anything in at least a week. Anything for the shop, that is. I'm trying to figure out if I'm burnt out from shows or if I'm just being lazy.

I have to make at least two 'Epics' (grand seedbeaded necklaces) two dozen pair of earrings, two dozen bracelets, and a dozen necklaces, and several chain maille pieces.


This show coming up is going to be big. Granted, there will be lots of jewelry sellers there, but it would be nice to make 5x booth. We'll see. Last year 10,000 folks came just to shop. No kettle korn, bungee jumping, pony rides or face painting here. This is a shopping show, baby.

I've signed up to take credit cards, laid in a stock of new boxes and gifty bags, had another name stamp made, and am shopping for new table covers.

Stay tuned. I'll update my progress with photos, and then the recap of the show.

Tick tock, three weeks and counting.

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