Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some other things

These harken back to the first earrings I ever made. The ever popular brick stitch. Tiny AB glass bubbles on the fringes, blue lined clear 11/0 seeds. Handmade wires.

This was an experiment. Right out of the Bead On A Wire book from Sharilyn Miller. Turquoise and copper beads, with wrapped copper. The supporting wire was too flexible and it was really bendy. I was trying to fix it at a show, and a lady spied it and wanted it RIGHT NOW. Who am I to argue with RIGHT NOW? (Especially with cash in hand) I even explained to her about the bendy-ness (nice word) and she wanted it anyway. I whipped up a quick 'S' hook clasp and she went about her merry way with it. Just one more thing that astonished me during the shows of 2008. I plan on making more, just with heavier gauge wire.

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