Monday, August 24, 2009

Oooh Goodies!

Joe and I went to Beadfest in Philly on Saturday.
Wow, talk about sensory overload! I think next year we're going to break it into two days. We were so fried by the time we got to the end, that neither one of us could look at any more beads or stones or glass or ANYTHING. Which makes me sad, because Beyond Beadery had it's big ass traveling roadshow of seed beady delights in the lobby. I couldn't concentrate on any of it, and that makes me very sad.
Before we glazed over, though, we managed to snag these from the dollar strand guys:
and these from S&S Lapidary (they're really nice people)

A neat button from David Christensen (The Furnace glass KING) and cool guy

A few stone beads from Cherry Tree Beads:

But the coolest stuff, we bought first. Both came from Artsian Glass ( a PA artist!)
My birthday present-Maille or seed beads?
and I bought this to make something to sell, but I think I'm keeping it for ME. Because it's freaking COOL.

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Faye said...

Hi! I came across your blog searching for sellers of microscope glass slide pendants... Do you offer them for sale online or only at shows? Wing me an email at glasschick at yahoo dot com (or thru my blog if you'd rather) if you see this post/comment and would like to reach me :-) Hope to hear from you - Faye