Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hometown show last weekend went well. At least okay. The crowd was down considerably, probably because of the threat of torrential rain. I thought it'd be very crowded, since it had rained all week. The traffic picked up a little in the afternoon, once the sun came out to stay.

As usual, sold a lot of rocks. Joe kept busy with the kid necklaces, and I answered lots of questions and 'oohs and aahs' over the beaded pendants. Alas, this was not the crowd to actually spend a lot of money, so no pendants were purchased. That's okay, there's always the next show.

Our booth bores me. We've changed the table covers and the curtains in the back, again. But the whole set up has gotten stale. This is the fourth year of this particular configuration, and frankly, it's tired. I think for Fells Point we should change it up a little. I'll suggest this to Joe and get his input.

Actually, the whole jewelry thing is tired. So many people are selling jewelry anymore, and even with Beadwhisperer things being unique, it's still 'another jewelry booth'. Show visitors have gotten blase about seeing jewelry, and they just kind of breeze by. I'm trying to get the seed bead pieces out there for more people to see, so they at least stop. Earrings and bracelets are pretty much just booth filler. The strung necklaces do sell, but I have come to despise making them.

I read a newsletter from a well known jewelry selling guru who said "Don't make sets" so I quit making sets. Every single show someone says, "Do you have earrings that go with this?" So I'm going back to making earrings to go with the necklaces. Probably not bracelets, but definitely earrings. Also, that cuts down on the quarter strands or two-three beads I have left after the necklaces are made.

This weekend is the Fells Point Fun Festival. We were there last year and had a blast. I truly don't remember standing still very much. We can only hope this year is a repeat. Stay tuned for that update. Hopefully with photos.

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