Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Fells Point Festival was a big success. Even though it was cold, damp, and windy. Joe sold a bunch of rocks, and I sold earrings and necklaces. Odd, though, while a lot of people picked up and played with the bracelets, nobody bought. That's okay. The 'Dread Pirate Roberts' necklace sold before we were even open. A gentleman was out and about getting coffee and spied it. He and his wife were married on Halloween, and he felt this would be a great gift. I had to agree with that. He also bought the blue mosaic turquoise necklace. I was glad to see that one go. The mosaic turquoise has come to irritate me immensely. Also sold was the green mosaic turquoise necklace & earrings. Again, so long...

We had nice neighbors, the people who put lights in bottles & glass bricks, and we got to talk to lots and lots of other folks. It was a good time. We stayed at the HI Express, as usual, but out at BWI. THAT ride SUCKED. It was raining, misting, and the defroster wasn't working very well in the car. I couldn't see, we got lost before we were even out of Baltimore. All I wanted was some hot soup and a warm bed! It took nearly an hour from the time we left the festival to the time we got to the hotel. Next year I'm paying the extra money and staying in town.

Yesterday morning, I could barely move. I couldn't put my arms above my head, and my whole body was stiff and still cold. The big bomb Motrin didn't even help, so I called off work. That, I'm sure, will have serious repercussions today, as it was an 'unscheduled off'. Hey, I don't call off sick that often, so they should know when I do call off, there's a damn good reason!

The downside to selling like this is that I have to bust butt this week and get more made. I didn't do anything yesterday. Making eggrolls and hot & sour soup was my biggest accomplishment. Tonight is Mom's Birthday dinner in Chambersbucket, and tomorrow is some cocktail party at the automuseum for Joe. (Too bad he paid for one ticket for that, because I'd dearly love to get out of it.) It'd be nice to have two days to make stuff instead of just one.

This weekend is The Festival of the Leaves in Virginia. In years past, we've done pretty good there, however all shows are down somewhat, (It's the economy stupid) and it's another hotel room night. I am NOT getting up at 3 am to drive down there to set up and sit all day, to drive back home. It's 'only' about 120 miles, but still. We stay over on Friday night and come home right after the show. There's always that "I wish we could stay tonight" as we're turning on to the highway, but knowing we'll wake up in our own bed on a Sunday morning is worth it.

Yes, craft shows aren't for sissies.

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