Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yesterday was the Festival of Leaves in Front Royal, VA. The bar was set pretty high this year, as the pop up was badly damaged on Tuesday, and my car crapped out on Thursday. I bought a new tent and Joe rented a van to make sure we made the show. The hole was deep and red (as in "in the red") before we even left the house on Friday night.

The hole only got a little less shallow by the end of the day yesterday. The Festival of Leaves didn't seem to be as big a deal as it's been in the past. The booth set ups were weird, with large gaps between them, (dead space is never good) and the crowds were way, way down. We sold lots of kid necklaces, and a fair number of earrings and onesy-twosy jewelry items, but not a lot of anything.

Even if we didn't have to rent a van and buy a new pop up, we wouldn't have been terribly happy with the bottom line. I hate to put this one on the "Endangered Species List" of shows, but damn, this is supposed to be a money making operation. Breaking even is NOT making money.
There's no point complaining to the organizers, they got their booth money, so why should they care if anyone 'wins'? Oh well. No point in complaining and pointing fingers. If the weather holds, next week should be really good. No hotel, 5 minutes from home, and traditionally a big winner. Again, let's all hope for a beautiful crisp, sunny, fall day!

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