Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chock Full of New Stuff!

It's been a busy weekend here at Beadwhisperer Central.  Two chain maille projects, a seed bead project, and some enameling!  It's very exciting after months of just messing around.  Here goes:

Aluminum 'Sleek Cuff'

Copper and Aluminum.  These two are made from recipes from Blue Buddha Boutique.  I've been putting off making them for a long time because I hate the weave.  I'm still not a fan, but at least now I get it.  
This is a cuff  I made from a recipe from  Triz Designs on Etsy.  The stone is a cheap Labradorite.  There's a lot wrong with this one, in my opinion, so I may keep it for myself.  Or maybe scrapped and reworked.  At any rate, it's not for sale.

Torch fired enamel on copper.  Swirls are vintage from CJS Sales in NYC.  After the first three photos, can you see why torch fired enamel makes me happy?  The finished product is ready in minutes not days.  And it's just damn cool.''

And these are the green ones.  They're nearly as cool as the blue.  I wonder what I'm going to do with these??

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Elyse Schimel said...

Thanks! Luv the design :)