Monday, October 1, 2012

One Down, Six to Go

The first show of the year went well.  I didn't have (in my opinion) enough new stuff to put out.  All these weeks messing around with the torch, enameling all those beads, and when I got right down to it, they looked like crap.  I don't like to sell crap.  (Although there's that whole thing where it may look like crap to me, other people think it's AWESOME)  But anyway...None of the new chain maille sold, which is not surprising, since they were 'high dollar' for that area.  I'm okay with that.  Those three that I made were very time consuming, and now I don't have to make more of them for the big show this coming weekend.

Two necklaces sold that were destined to be scrapped and redone.  It makes me happy when that happens, because somebody loved them in their original state.  I gave them a farewell discount too, and the ladies went away very happy. 

It's back to the grind, I HAVE to make earrings this week, and several more necklaces, and a couple more maille bracelets.  The cool larger maille (bigger rings-chunkier look) works up a lot faster than the micro maille (duh) and sells like crazy.  BONUS.

The downside to Saturday was finding Barney all curled up on the couch crying and wailing in pain, it seems his bladder blocked AGAIN, and he's been at the vet ever since.  We better do real good this coming weekend to pay for his treatment.  Poor old Barn, he's such a good boy, but in his short life (6 years) he's cost me thousands of dollars.  Oh well,  He came to me, and I'm responsible for his well being.  Sue me.

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