Friday, October 12, 2012

One More Away Game

The Fells Point Festival was okay.  The weather was interesting.  Saturday morning was sunny and warm, but around noon a big black cloud passed over us and dropped the temps about 20 degrees and brought some major gusty winds.  We spent the rest of the day hanging on to the tent!  The four tents in that cluster all bungee'ed ourselves together, so there was safety in numbers.  That evening, we went out a watched the parade of fools, and generally got six months worth of people watching in. 

During the night, some asshole or assholes sliced one tent wall of about five or six tents.  Didn't steal anything, just committed some random acts of asshole-ism.  We were lucky, as we spare sidewalls from the tent that got destroyed last year, but other crafters weren't.  Sunday the police came around and we all filed reports, for what THAT was worth.  Not like Baltimore's finest don't have anything else to do but track down a random tent slasher.  Sunday's weather was cold and damp, with off and on showers throughout the day.  I did manage to sell some things on Sunday, but it was a struggle.   I was really happy to load the van (in the rain of course) and get the heck out of there.  It's been said that the folks who run the festival need to look into hiring their own security.  I think that'd be a fine idea, and I'd be willing to pay an increased booth rate to know that someone is watching over the booth.

This week is the Festival of Leaves in Front Royal, VA.  I didn't get anything new made this week, which irritates me, I wanted to add a couple things to the mix, and restock the copper cuffs which are mostly sold out.  Mom had cataract surgery and I was down there overnight, and it just wasn't in the cards to get new things made. 

This show is the last 'away game' of the year, and I'm kind of glad.  These last few shows seemed like such a struggle.  Everything was uphill this year.  I know, I always say Craft Shows Aren't For Sissies, and here I am whining and bitching, but it's better to whine and bitch HERE than in the street, like lots of crafters/artists I've met. 

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