Thursday, October 18, 2012

Punked Out

For the first time in 6 years of The Beadwhisperer, we blew off a show.  I hate that.  I feel that you've made a commitment to yourself and the organizers of the show.  I also believe that if you're going to do something, you do it well, but when circumstances keep piling up, you have to trust the signs.

Over the course of the week, it became apparent that it wasn't meant to be. 

First, the tent took two days to dry (in the front yard)  Not a big sign. 

Then my car, who has developed this issue with a sensor that affects the transmission (sometimes) decided to really start behaving badly, bucking and missing and carrying on.  The Van I borrowed from work before,  went into the shop on Tuesday and didn't come out until Friday.  When I asked The Keeper of The Vehicles if I could borrow The Van, he said he'd get back to me.  By quitting time on Friday, there was no word from him.  (Nice passive-aggressive way of saying No, but I'm just a peon)

Hunny had a car show where he sat outside at a booth for three days in the windy weather promoting his big show. 

Mom had cataract surgery on Eye #2 on Thursday, so Hunny took a break from his booth to drive me to Mom's on Wednesday night, where I stayed over until Thursday night.  The surgery went okay, but she ended up with a swollen cornea, which isn't usually a huge deal, but was concerning.  When Tha Momma is concerned, she's mean.  So it was a mean stretch of time with her, which is exhausting.

Back to work on Friday, to an effed up world of work.  By Friday afternoon, I couldn't form complete sentences, let alone think about loading my car and driving for 2 and a half hours hoping it wouldn't break down on the highway. 

Hunny and I made an Executive decision to just bag it.  We were both fried, and when I checked our show records from last year, we barely made expenses anyway.  Did we really want to do that again?
No.  So we stayed home.  I felt really badly about the decision, but damn.  I knew sitting all day outside in the cold wouldn't do either of us any good, and I wanted to sleep, dammit.

So I'll turn in my 'Art Fairs aren't for Sissies' stickers now.  I punked out. 

We're raring and ready to rock the show this weekend.  Although I've been slacking haven't made a single earring when I need two dozen.  There's tonight yet! 

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