Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost There

Long time no postie.

This craft show madness is coming to the end.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a two day event. I don't know if it's outside or inside. I do that (a) it's going to rain like hell all day (allegedly) and (b) I got nothing to sell. How dumb. And I have even less motivation than I do inventory. The shows of the past three weekends kicked my butt. I'm very tempted to just not go, and write off the $60 it cost for the booth. I hate that, though, I've got this thing about obligations.

What will happen is this: I will make three strung necklaces, six bracelets and some earrings tonight. I will get up and leave at oh dark thirty tomorrow and go to the show. Once I get there is when it'll be interesting. I'm NOT going to sit outside in the rain all day. No way, not me. (Or Joe) If we're supposed to be outside, we are going home. We can stop for breakfast, and then go to the Amish grocery store, then go home. But if it's an inside thing, we'll set up, and hang out, and leave when it's time to go. Joe has a seven am meeting at work. (7 AM?!! Whot?) and my mom emailed me today pretty much saying, "I'm busy, no dinner for me on Friday or Saturday, sorry see ya bye" Well then. So that rules out THAT social obligation! We'll be back here, warm and toasty by the time the Penn State game is on. Now. I must work. Here's an oldie but a goodie:

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